Name: Andrea Palmer
Gender: Female    Age: 32
Relationship Status:
Location: Manhattan Beach, California


Feb 09
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About me

Andrea-happy, always smiling, outgoing, hates confrontation, a leader, an athlete, hopeless romantic, Scorpio! :)


Volleyball, modeling, beach, surfing, traveling, camping, fishing, food, old friends, new friends, summer, Pinkberry and Love :)

If I could meet any alive actor, it will be...

i'll have to think about that

If I could meet any dead actor, it will be...

i'll have to think about that too

Book I'm reading now...

a few, "No More Ramen Noodles", "Entreprenuers for Dummies"

The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning...

Jason :)

The most important thing in my life is...

If I could have any job I wanted it would it be...

To own my own business- I want to open a batting cage--random, but I grew up with 4 bros & no sisters and my dad played MLB so naturally a batting cage sounds cool to open and hang with the kids! And when I was younger I even wanted to open my own tanning salon...but not anymore now that I work at Sunset Tan! haha Or maybe to be a college volleyball coach

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Sunset Tan Rb Grand Opening
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BBT+ some other great girls!
22 files

Jason & Me
20 files

Summer 2006-River-Santa Cruz-Angel's Games
26 files

Christmas Time
7 files

some portfolio pics
10 files

Cabo Cruise for my 22nd B-day!
35 files

25 files

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My Videos

Cruise video
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Jason throwing his Fastball @ the LA Fair
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Gina dancing like a crazy girl
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Favorite Stuff

Favorite Movies

I love movies-
Wedding Crashers is one of my all time faves, any Adam Sandler movie, Grandma's Boy, 300, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin.

Big Trouble in Little China, Golden Child, Stand By Me, National Treasure

Favorite TV Shows

America's Next Top Model, How It's Made, Deadliest Catch, Survivorman, E! News

Favorite TV Sitcom

Favorite Books

Chronicles of Narnia

Least Favorite Smells

Coconut, surf wax, the way it smells after it rains, the way Temecula(my home town) smells early in the morning, the smell of the salt in the air after getting back into the South bay

Favorite Sound

the ringtone of Jason's calls

Favorite Color

Red and Lime Green!!

Favorite Foods


Favorite Drink

smoothies, Dr. Pepper, Vitamin Water

Favorite Sports to Watch

Lakers and baseball